Dr. Todd J. Pulliam will use his teachings at 1Accord Church every Thursday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 10:30 am to properly examine and explain the Word of God. He will use his teachings to help teach daily life lessons, correctly interpreted from the Bible. His teachings will be explained thoroughly with full integrity, without bias or misrepresentation.


1Accord Church, through the leadership of Dr. Todd J. Pulliam, will always aim to have a positive impact with the local community. 1Accord Church will interact with the surrounding neighborhoods and areas. Through the leadership of Dr. Todd J. Pulliam, 1Accord Church will lead, start up, and be involved with various events within the community. We will also be involved with philanthropy, charities, and aiding the homeless throughout the city.


Dr. Todd J. Pulliam, through his Pulliam Consulting Group, wants to give the best information for helping individuals throughout any career choice they decide to follow. The Pulliam Consulting Group will do the following:

  •  teach and provide problem solving and conflict resolution
  • enhance people, oratorical, customer service, and communication skills
  • prepare athletes, college students, and the general public for job interviews
  • prepare individuals to embrace their own visions for their future
  • do one or two day observations of inner workings and staff


Dr. Todd J. Pulliam’s vision for 1Accord Church is for it to go international. His ultimate goal is to spread God’s Word around the world, expanding the church globally and nationally with the true Word, which would remove misinterpretations and bias, which has negatively affected the influence and reputation of Christianity both nationally and internationally.


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