Humble Beginnings

Dr. Pulliam was born on January 9, 1968 to Bishop Delbert W. Pulliam Sr. and Anita Hill (Pulliam) in Detroit, Michigan. They raised him alongside his siblings Della, Delbert Jr., and Thomas.


Big Dreams

Dr. Pulliam was saved and filled with the Spirit at the tender age of seven. At a young age he had a strong desire to serve either as a civil rights attorney or a preacher. After graduating from Mumford High School in 1985, Dr. Pulliam decided to pursue his calling while attending Central Michigan University. As an undergraduate he expanded his network as he took part in several clubs, along with the African-American fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma.The introduction to new people and stories helped mold the young preacher and shaped how he interacted with those from different backgrounds.


Meeting Michell and Starting A Family

After arriving to Georgia in the summer of 1988 (assisting his parents), Dr. Pulliam met his future wife Michell Flemming on October 14, 1988, in Duluth, Georgia. The two  married (after a very short courtship) on January 7, 1989. Their family expanded in October 1989, with the birth of their daughter Kerington. Sons Joel and Blake soon followed in 1991 and 1995.  Dr. And Mrs. Pulliam welcomed their first grandchild, Parker Elizabeth, born to Kerington and her husband Allyn in 2017.


First Call Into Ministry

After moving back to Detroit in 1990, Dr. Pulliam was blessed with another opportunity to go back to Central Michigan as a campus pastor. While there he met and joined Redford Moss’s ‘Redd Hacker’ basketball tournament, teaching the gospel (in the Thumb of Michigan) as the team minister. After 8 months of traveling to Pigeon, Michigan every week, the people needed a new pastor. Dr. Pulliam told them he had his faith with them that they would find one. Little did he realize that God had called him to pastor them himself. Starting in February 1996, Dr. Pulliam started Grace Covenant Worship Center. Again, this was a life changing experience as he and his family were the only minorities in the county, leading to Dr. Pulliam exposing himself to another world. Through his ministry many lives were touched, souls were saved, and miracles occurred. Dr. Pulliam says in retrospect that this experience and the people he met (some of who moved with him to South Carolina) shaped who he is as a minister today.

1998 to Now

Change Of Plans

In 1998, the Lord came to Dr. Pulliam in a dream and directed him to go to Columbia, South Carolina (his wife’s home state) to start a ministry. After his first call to ministry in Pigeon, he was apprehensive at first but finally moved his family in July of 1998. Since then 1 Accord Church International was founded and has flourished by impacting people’s lives, changing the community and expanding God’s Kingdom in Columbia, and now into Charlotte, North Carolina.